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    Aug 4, 2015

    23 Signs You Grew Up An Extrovert

    Talking is fun, OK?!

    1. You talked your babysitter's ears off because you felt a need to fill every silence with conversation.

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    2. Your parents warned you countless times that you should tone it down with the incessant chatter.

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    3. Even your teachers had to go through desperate measures to make it stop.

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    4. But no school administration could ever tame your ways and you always fought for your freedom of speech.


    Literally every parent-teacher conference was to address this "problem."

    5. You just couldn't help but overshare every single one of your accomplishments.

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    6. Interrupting someone without first raising your hand was a daily offense that irritated your classmates to no end.

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    7. If you were ever quiet for more than two seconds everyone assumed you were sick or not feeling well.


    8. You genuinely enjoyed group projects because they were an opportunity to make friends.

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    9. Class presentations were your jam and you always went first.


    And of course you absolutely killed it every time.

    10. You hated being told not to talk back because staying mute was never your style.

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    11. Everyone knew the front of the class was your go-to spot.

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    12. Making friends during recess was literally your favorite activity.

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    13. And you were incapable of going somewhere without finding some crazy reason to talk to strangers.

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    14. Whenever there was a new student in school, you couldn't wait to meet them and show them around.


    15. But you always managed to get the highest grade in class participation.

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    16. Whenever you saw "excessive talking" on your report card, you'd try to argue your way out of it.

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    17. Even when your teacher moved your seat, you still found someone to talk to.

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    18. At school dances, you were the first person on the dance floor and the life of the party.

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    19. At sleepovers you were that one kid full of energy rambling on when everyone else was ready to sleep.

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    20. When you finally found a teacher who would let you be your loud, obnoxious self it was like a dream come true.

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    21. Asking for your opinion was risky because you were brutally honest as a child.

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    22. Getting grounded was the absolute cruelest punishment ever because you suffered from extreme FOMO.

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    23. And time-out was a ridiculous challenge for you because sitting still was absolute torture.

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    But at the end of the day, everyone couldn't help but love you and your loud-ass personality.

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