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    21 Times Dylan O'Brien Was Absolutely Adorkable

    He'll never go out of ~Stiles~.

    1. When he single-handedly proved that chivalry is alive and well.

    2. When he perfectly captured the dating struggle and all you wanted to do was hold him in your arms and tell him everything will be OK.

    3. When his lips uttered this cheesy line.

    4. When he made using an inhaler look ridiculously endearing.

    5. When he showed that commitment doesn't scare him and he's totally boyfriend material.

    6. When he opened up and was vulnerable and you died a little bit inside.

    7. When he defied all odds and mustered up the courage to actually make a move.

    8. When he stuffed his face with curly fries and it was the cutest shit you've ever freaking seen in your life.

    9. When he still managed to sound appealing despite how desperate he was for some action.

    10. And when he couldn't contain his excitement when Lydia finally gave him the time of day.

    11. When his athletic skills barely made the cut.

    12. When he actually managed to sound smooth for a change and you were like WOAH MARRY ME. RIGHT NOW.

    13. When he wedged that pencil between his lips and went full nerd mode and you totally lost your shit.

    14. When even his geekiest behavior made you SWOON.

    15. When he passed the ultimate shopping test with flying colors.

    16. When he totally failed to sound cool and his social awkwardness made you fall even more in love.

    17. When he let his guard down and got all sentimental.

    18. When he fumbled with his straw and you couldn't take your eyes off his perfect pillowy lips.

    19. When he winked the most adorable wink in the history of winks.

    20. When he made you feel second-hand embarrassment and yet still managed to warm your heart.

    21. And when he showed America that nice guys don't always finish last.