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Aug 25, 2015

Are You Drinking The Haterade?

Only one way to find out.

  1. Your coworker gets a promotion, but you both started working at the company at the same time. You...

    rilueda / Thinkstock
  2. Your old high school classmate puts a ridiculous makeout photo up of them and bae. You..

    shironosov / Thinkstock
  3. You're at a party and someone is wearing the same top as you. You...

    DreamPictures / VStock / Thinkstock
  4. You see a ridiculously attractive selfie on Instagram. You...

    biglike / Thinkstock
  5. One of your friends just had a baby & posts tons of baby pics all over social media. You...

    Rayes / Thinkstock
  6. Your friend is hating on a person. What do you do?

    IT Stock Free / Thinkstock
  7. You get in an empty elevator and someone else is walking over to it. You...

    Ryan McVay / Thinkstock
  8. Finish the statement. Life is:

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