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    21 Ridiculous Lies Music Videos Told You About Deserts

    This is NOT real life.

    1. The best spot to get turnt is in a desolate land with a climate comparable to the fiery depths of hell.

    2. It's perfectly safe to lay your half-naked bod across the hood of a car. It's not like that thing is scorching hot under the desert sun or anything.

    3. There's no better Sahara fashion choice than a formal gown that drags all over the sand.

    4. Rainbow sandstorms are totally a thing.

    5. All deserts come with complimentary broken furniture strewn about.

    6. And many look like the aftermath of a wild college frat party.

    7. A straight-up monsoon in the middle of the desert is totally normal. Literally happens all the time.

    8. No Saharan road trip is complete without a quick pole dance break.

    9. The best place for a nice romantic serenade is in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere where all you have is each other.

    And the steaming hot sand...and no chance of survival.

    10. At night, fire-breathing transformers will light the way for you on your desert journey.

    11. A velour cheetah print ensemble is perfect while waiting for a monster truck Uber to pick you up.

    So much fun!

    12. It's all about tanning out in the desert so be sure to bring your bathing suit.

    13. Loubs are the shoe of choice for rugged terrains.

    14. Aspiring to be a professional bellydancer? The desert sand is your dance floor. It's even more fun when there's a horse stampede.

    15. If you venture deep enough into the desert you will come across a giant upside down pyramid and women in dominatrix lingerie. Don't worry, they're super nice.

    16. Any normal commoner can rock a long black dress in blistering hot weather and bring their sweat glands to a halt, right?! Right.

    17. And the more fabric your desert outfit has to blow in the wind, the better.

    18. You know how people always say you can see the entire night sky in the desert? Well did you know you could also see the SOLAR SYSTEM?

    19. A real girls' night out ends with a chill desert hang with all your besties.

    20. You're not a girl, not yet a woman until you've vented about your womanhood woes on the ledge of a canyon.

    21. And when in doubt, it's always a good idea to bury yourself up to your neck in sand and gather your thoughts.