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22 Definite Signs You Hate Everyone

"Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate."

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1. First things first, you're brutally honest.

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2. Socializing is the bane of your existence.

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3. You tend to offend people.

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But you can't be tamed. After all, filters are for Instagram.

4. You roll your eyes more than you breathe.

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5. Making friends is not your number one priority.

Warner Bros. Television / Via


6. When people actually dare to befriend you:

Paramount / Via

Please don't.

7. You're fluent in sign language.

Universal Pictures / Via


8. You do NOT share anything.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, kids.

9. Muttering insults under your breath is your specialty.

Young Money / Cash Money / Via


10. You weren't nostalgic at all at graduation.

MTV / Via

See ya never!

11. You report edited selfies on Instagram as inappropriate.

E! / Via

You're not fooling anyone.

12. When you see an ugly outfit, you tell it how it is.

Paramount Pictures / Via


13. You throw so much shade, bitches take their sunglasses off.

Disney / Via

See me now, Raven?

14. There's nothing like some peace and quiet away from humanity.

Bravo / Via

Shush I'm trying to pretend you're not here.

15. When you actually try to tolerate talking to other humans you immediately regret it.

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16. Going on a date with you is like an American Idol audition.

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You are NOT going to Hollywood!

17. You go through your yearbook like:

Universal Pictures / Via

18. If there's anyone you can relate to it's your haters.

Bravo / Via

Takes one to know one!

19. You've heard this one before.

E! / Via


20. An apology from you is about as believable as flying pigs.

Fox / Via


21. When people annoy you, you're sure to dismiss them.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via


22. And most importantly, you regret nothing.


You have zero shits to give.

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