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19 Things You Understand When You're The Vulgar One In Your Friend Group

You just don't give a damn.

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1. You give everyone you meet a naughty nickname.

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2. You live to make people feel uncomfortable.

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3. Your vocabulary choices are... questionable.

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4. In fact, you have quite a way with words.

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5. You love a good sexual innuendo.

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6. You cannot grasp the concept of discretion.

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7. You ask life's most probing questions, including:

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8. Your advice is always brutally honest.

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9. You throw around curse words like it's your job.

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10. You're pretty much an expert sexter, because most words that come out of your mouth are dirty or inappropriate, anyway.

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11. You've given certain body parts fun nicknames.

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12. You take the "penis" game to an entirely new level.

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13. You're very honest when calling in sick to work.

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Sorry, boss.

14. Your friends can't take you anywhere without fearing you may embarrass them.

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15. You shamelessly overshare.

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16. You provide incredibly graphic relationship advice.

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17. When your friends tell you to behave yourself, you tend to brush them off.

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18. You're kind of gross in general.

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19. And NO ONE is safe from your foul mouth.

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