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18 Signs You're In A Relationship With Cheese

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to diss a brie? I cheddar the world and the feta cheese. Everybody's lookin' for stilton.

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1. When you think of love, you think of cheese.

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2. Cheese always brings a smile to your face.

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3. You just can't get enough.

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4. Seriously.

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5. You like cheese in and around your mouth. LITERALLY.

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6. You guys are basically inseparable.

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All I need in this life of sin is me and my cheeeeeeese.

7. Whenever you go out, you make sure cheese is invited.

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8. You even plan vacations together.

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Spring break 2015!

9. You've squirted cheese in your mouth so things are getting serious.

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10. People actually admire your commitment to cheese.

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11. No one can stand between you two.

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12. Before you know it your friends start asking questions.

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It's official.

13. Your relationship is no secret.

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Loud and proud, baby!

14. You wine and dine bae on the regular.

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15. PDA doesn't bother you at all.

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Get a room!

16. This is your idea of a romantic date.

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When the cheese hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amoreeee.

17. Everyone wants a piece of your cheese. Even reindeer!

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But this is NOT an open relationship. No sharing.

18. This is the real deal.

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