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18 Farts We've All Experienced

Time to put the "art" in fart.

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1. The Surprise Fart:

VH1 / Via

Plot twist!

2. The Mid-Interview Fart:

Comedy Central

Hire me!

3. The Spread Eagle:


Make sure you stretch before this one!

4. The Mid-Sex Butt Whisper:

Universal Pictures

Not the most courteous fart, but definitely memorable.

5. The Glitter Fart:


Great for special occasions!

6. The Sneeze-Fart Combo:

E! / Via

Double the action, double the fun!

7. The Cup-A-Fart:


Use this classic secret weapon wisely.

8. The Tragic, Dreaded Shart:

Columbia Pictures

A rookie move, but valid fart option.

9. The Aqua-Fart:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

This one takes serious butt stamina.

10. The Booty Bomb:


Be careful with this one, kiddos!

11. The Sneaky, Top-Secret Fart:

Comedy Central

Just go ahead and change your name to Agent 007 while you're at it.

12. The "You-Thought-It-Would-Smell-But-It-Doesn't" Fart:

Walt Disney Pictures

What a pleasant surprise for everyone!

13. The Casual Walk 'N' Fart Combo:


Clean up on aisle 6!

14. The Social BUTT-erfly:


Everyone knows.

15. The Ice Breaker:


Call me!

16. The Shameless Butt Bark:

New Line Cinema


17. The Musical Fart:

Universal Pictures

Fa-la-la-la's and farts.

18. And last but certainly not least, the Revenge Fart:

Paramount Pictures

For use on your greatest haters.

Now go be one with the world! ♫ The hills are aliiiive with the sound of faaaarting! ♫

20th Century Fox

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