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The Official Teen Choice Awards Instagram Is Filling Up With MCR

...and its brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

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Just look at the official Instagram page for #TeenChoice2015.

One pointed out how far a "bandom" can go.

What's more interesting is that I've never heard of a bandom. I mean: yes, there is a phandom, but a bandom.


I just got it.

Band and fandom together!

That is really smart and simple-minded.


Another few hope to scare a fox. Poor animal.

Get it? FOX and fox?

I'm always the person at the dinner party who says a joke and no one laughs, so I pretend I didn't say anything at all and play with the tablecloth.

Here's a person just happy to be commenting.

you go comment. Fly away, my peacock and soar into the world of commenting.

Yet no matter what, we should always hear what other people have to say.

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