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11 Times NHL Players Proved They Are Half Beast, Half Human

With the NHL All Star game coming Jan. 24-25, we take a moment to celebrate a special breed of people- hockey players. Conflicting feelings of terror and awe intermingle as you ponder the true origins of these manbeasts.

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1. When Michael Del Zotto (Flyers) Instagrammed His Skate Cut to the Throat


With the completely non-sarcastic caption "What a way to finish 2014!" Thank you for starting my year with this absolutely terrifying picture, Michael Del Zotto.

9. 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. Duncan Keith Takes a Puck to the Mouth and Loses Seven Teeth.


Misses one take the teeth out. Comes back seven minutes later and still leads his team in ice time. "It's just missing teeth," Keith said through his bloodied and swollen mouth. "It's a long way from the heart."

10. When Brendan Witt Got Hit By a Truck... and Still Played That Same Night


Said Witt to truck driver- "I've got to go play some hockey. I'm a hockey player. I'm OK. No big deal." I didn't even make this up, he actually said this. (Said truck driver to self- "What the f#*& did I just hit?")

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