Can You Make It Through 5 Pounds Of Burrito In 30 Minutes?

Proceed with caution. We ate a lot of unique foods during our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip, but Nacho Mamma’s Burrito Challenge in Bristol, RI definitely takes the cake.

1. Hidden in idyllic Bristol, Rhode Island lies a monster.

A burrito of gargantuan proportions…

2. This burrito is no joke.

Start with three large tortillas, add a mound of rice, and a meat of your choosing. We went with pork.

3. Neither is the fire sauce.

If you can handle the five pounds of food, you most definitely can’t handle the heat. Nacho Mama’s piles on five sides of their extra hot fire sauce. It brings the pain.

4. It takes three employes to roll this beast together.

There have been 64 attempts at completing Nacho Mamma’s burrito challenge since its creation three years ago. Only three people were victorious.

5. The final weigh in.

So what’s at stake? If you are able to put down all five pounds in thirty minutes, you’ll walk away with a t-shirt, a trophy, a burrito named after you, and a lifetime of bragging rights.

6. Thirty Minutes. Zero chance.

We made it through a little over half of Nacho Mamma’s burrito. And the other half tasted just as good the next day.

All photos by Joseph Lin / BuzzFeed


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