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23 Badass Pieces Of Armor Throughout History

Because swords will always be awesome. We walked the five floors of the Higgins Armory Museum during our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip and highly recommend you do the same.

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John Woodman Higgins, a prominent Worcester industrialist, began collecting armor in the early 1900s. Today, his collection of roughly 3,000 pieces is beautifully displayed throughout the Higgins Armory Museum.

1. Higgins founded the Worcester Pressed Steel Company in 1905 and was always fascinated by metalworking and knighthood. As his business was prospering in the late 20s, Higgins traveled to Europe where he acquired his first armor pieces.

9. This Persian leg armor is covered in etchings of hares being hunted by cats to show that the warrior is as powerful over his enemies as a predator over its prey. The Higgins staff affectionately refer to them as the “kitty/bunny pants.”

All photos by Joseph Lin / BuzzFeed


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