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14 Of The Most Beautiful Roads In The World

Roads on roads on roads on roads. We covered 1,200 miles of pavement during our MINI NOT NORMAL Road Trip. Where will your next road trip take you?

1. This desert pass in northern Iceland.

Chalky Lives / Via Flickr: traitlinburke

2. The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal.

F Mira / Via Flickr: 25894583@N08

3. This sand dune-lined road in central Bahrain.

edward musiak / Via Flickr: edwardmusiak

4. Turri Road, a five mile loop through rolling hills and cattle country in Los Osos, California.

Linda Tanner / Via Flickr: goingslo

5. This grass-lined road 100 miles northwest of Frankfurt in Olpe, Germany.

Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix) / Via Flickr: 59319911@N00

6. Downtown Barcelona, at sunset.

Luis Hernandez / Via Flickr: d2k6

7. Along the Niagara River in Ontario.

paul bica / Via Flickr: dexxus

8. TF-21, one of four roads in the Teide National Park, Canary Islands.

Nico Kaiser / Via Flickr: 73084860@N00

9. This slow-moving road in Karthaus, Pennsylvania.

Nicholas A. Tonelli / Via Flickr: nicholas_t

10. The Apple Valley Road Bridge in Lyons, Colorado.

Thaddeus Roan / Via Flickr: 80651083@N00

11. Crossley Street, Melbourne, Australia.

Jes / Via Flickr: mugley

12. This back alley in London.

Nikos Koutoulas / Via Flickr: 33284937@N04

13. The Stelvio Pass, Sondrio, Italy.

absoluteczech / Via Flickr: absoluteczech

14. I-40, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Nicholas A. Tonelli / Via Flickr: nicholas_t


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