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9 Not Normal Tribute Bands

Sometimes just idolizing your favorite musician is not enough. These bands dedicated their lives to imitating them. Everyone on this list is not your average wedding band, in the same way MINI is not your average car.

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2. Beatallica

Tim Cigelske / Via Flickr: 82466477@N00

Beatallica is a Beatles-Metallica mashup band that plays hits like, "While My Guitar Deathly Creeps." Beatles + head-banging thrash metal = what is up, like chocolate covered bacon.

4. Dread Zepplin

Ron Galella / Getty

Dread Zepplin, led by a Vegas Elvis impersonator with painted on side burns, performs reggae style Led Zeppelin songs. Check out their video, here. Nothing is weirder, or better than this.

8. Metalachi

Robert Bejil / Via Flickr: 28618109@N05

Metalachi is an ingenius metal-mariachi cross genre explosion that covers Black Sabbath and Metallica. They use a rock violin that is blue. (And check out his sunglasses).

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