• 1. They Tackle The Tough Issues, Like Immigration

    From Come Fly With Me.

  • 2. Bus Wankers

    From The Inbetweeners.

  • 3. They’re Not Afraid To Talk About The War

    From Fawlty Towers.

  • 4. They’ll Teach You Math Skills

    From That Mitchell And Webb Look.

  • 5. Hugh Laurie Is A Lot Less Depressing In England

    From Blackadder.

  • 6. They Hate The Phantom Menace

    From Spaced.

  • 7. They Make Juvenile Office Pranks Seem Like High Art

    From The Office.

  • 8. Nobody Spoofs The News Like The British

    From The Day Today.

  • 9. They Put Farmers In Their Place

    From The Alan Partridge Show.

  • 10. They Fight The Fat

    From Little Britain.