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11 Cheesy Jokes To Write On Your Kid’s Lunch Napkin

"Orange you glad I didn't say orange?" Bring a smile to your kid's face every lunchtime with these silly jokes.

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1. What did the mushroom say in his job interview?

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"My greatest quality is that I'm a fun-gi!"

2. What did the little corn kernel say to its mom?

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"Where's my pop corn?"

3. Why don't eggs have a sense of humor?


"Because jokes make them crack up."

4. What do you call sketchy spaghetti?

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"An impasta."

5. How do you and your friends ask for more salad?

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"Politely say lettuce have some more!"

6. What did the doctor say to the cheese? / Via

"Are you feeling cheddar?"

7. What did the baby garlic say to her mother?

PBS / Via

"I clove you!"

8. Why did they think the runner was nuts?

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"He kept yelling, 'I'mma cashew!'"

9. Why did the pepper want to go inside?


"Because it was a little chili."

10. Why do bananas give the best compliments?

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"Because they think that everything is appealing."

11. Did you hear about what happened to the nacho?


"Never mind, it's too cheesy. I don't want to taco bout it."

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