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12 Snacks That Will Instantly Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Close your eyes and go back to a time when your fingers were your forks and your mother's shirt was your napkin. Now open your eyes and start having fun snacking with Mini Babybel®.

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3. This unexpected marital bliss:

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The pizza and the bagel unite so much more than just bread with cheese — they combine breakfast with dinner! They are the epitome of everything that ever needs to be joined together in a single delicious bite.

4. The beauty that is the creamcicle:

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It's hard to put your finger on exactly what sets the creamcicle apart. It is all things delicious and comforting and creamy and sweet and cold... but not TOO cold. No. No brain freeze with these beauties.

8. These ants on those logs:

This is, quite possibly, the only acceptable place for the raisin (with the exception of the stage: singing raisins are cool too).

10. These adorable dogs that are acting like pigs:


The pig in a blanket is the great American party appetizer. Everyone wants to eat them all. But wait, that's only acceptable for a kid. Right? WRONG. Make them for yourself, then don't throw a party. Problem solved.

12. The best thing that has ever happened to blueberries:


Blueberry muffins are happiness baked into little cups of joy. If you swap the oil for applesauce, they can also be a pretty guilt-free breakfast.

Mini Babybel® is fun to snack on and fun to put in any lunch box.

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