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12 Adorable Ways To Add A Little Action To Your Child’s Lunchbox

Top-secret missions, napkin notes, and googly eyes. There are lots of ways to bring some action to your kid’s lunch — like Mini Babybel, the action hero of lunchtime.

1. Create a top-secret lunch for your little agent.

2. Make silly disguises on the napkins for your kids and their friends to play with.

3. Write them an action-packed poem.

4. Let them get in on the fun — with googly eyes!

5. Go thumbercover with a personalized napkin.

6. Make paper cutouts of your family for them to play with at lunch.

7. Send them on a mini-scavenger hunt.

8. Make a themed lunch with a fun challenge for them.

9. Write a word puzzle on the front of the napkin for them to solve.

10. Give your kid a chuckle with a silly joke.

11. Bring their favorite animal to life.

12. Create a powered-up lunch!

Photographs by Lauren Zaser © BuzzFeed 2016.

Add some action with the bold snack of Mini Babybel.