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Outfit Hacks For Bein A HOT MESS

(All hacks have been proven effective from personal experience) Whether you slept in at your bae's house or you woke up in a post black out stupor in a random person's bed, these walk of shame outfit hacks will AT LEAST help you avoid walking into work with a sparkly crop top from the night before on. Now, don't be shy and take WHATEVER materials are necessary.

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I went to bed at like 9 last night!!!...

Struttin' like a G
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Struttin' like a G


I know, sounds a little Gym teacher going to a meeting-esque, but this is such a great hack, you may find yourself buying these shirts for this sole reason. Begin by intrusively going into someone's drawers and find the athletic gym shirts. (The tight ones used for sports) Gently step into the neck hole with those dainty legs of yours, pull up to about your belly button. Pull the sleeves around your back and tie them together. Make sure there's no sports logos visible or you probably WILL look like a gym teacher going to a meeting.


The best thing about this outfit hack is whether you are working with someone who is the same size as you, or 4x your size, dress shirts can work ANY size! Go for the boyfriend shirt look with a chunk necklace or any other accessory, or for the bigger shirts, throw a belt on it! Just remember to grab a clean one, so you don't smell like random cologne or beer.

3. Hair Braid Updo

This is a VERY simple sex hair trick (or i'm just late and too lazy to wash my hair trick). If you don't know how to french braid, first of all LEARN. If you plan to have any more of these rendezvous, french braids will save your life. Create two french braids so you look like you are at summer camp, THEN take the two braids, tie them like you are tying your shoes. Depending on how long your hair is, continue to tie the simple knot, bobby pin this to hold. Look in the mirror and admire how much you look like a freakin' princess.

Use That Junk in the Trunk!

If you are like me, then your trunk has 4 different outfits and 5 pairs of shoes, along with empty beer bottles. If this is the case then USE what you got!! Tuck in big shirts, use seltzer water to get out stains, and ALWAYS have some concealer on you. The worst thing a hot mess can do is try to deny this gift. You have been blessed but also cursed, because you are a HOT MESS!

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