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18 Dog Tweets Guaranteed To Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

Nothing actually matters besides dogs.

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1. He just wanted to say hi:

So the owners of the gym I go too (which they’re so awesome) bring their dog - and today I’m using the restroom and look at this dog 😂😂😂😂 my day is made and I can’t stop laughing

2. So stylish:

So my dog had to get laser therapy after her knee surgery and:

3. He even turned it up:

Throwback to when my dog somehow got Beyoncé to play on my laptop

4. A genius:

Okay so my dog just shook his head yes at me when I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk and he is the cutest thing ever what

5. He has a theme song:

So my dog believes he is the Mayor of my town. As he strolls town, he requires we play his theme song. Lu will be 13 yo in a few days and he looks MARVELOUS!!! #MayorMcCheese #bestfriends

6. He knows what he did:

So my dog got into a pack of cinnamon rolls today...

7. A supermodel:

This dog is killing me with that face.

8. That happy dance:

so my dog spins every time we start to get her food and i just thought it was too cute not to share

9. And that rain boot dance:

So my dog got some rain boots today....😂

10. The great escape:

So my dog just escaped for half an hour before we noticed, we were panicking but it turns out she just went to my neighbours house to play with their dogs

11. So thoughtful:

today my dog dug up a bone she previously buried, just so she could give it to my mom as a present

12. A bean:

When my dog sits his legs disappear He’s just a bean now

13. Be careful, dog:

this dog across from me is politely eating a sandwich and her person says “careful! don’t wanna burn ur tongue!” (don’t burn ur tongue pls ill cry)

14. No words are needed:

15. Look at that face:

16. A princess:

what's self esteem when my dog is a million times cuter than me

17. He loves it!

So my dog is 13 and blind which means he can’t go for walks very well with our other dogs so we got him this stroller and LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS

18. And, lastly, the best boy:

When my dog gives me the smile that got him adopted and I wish I could adopt him all over again bc he’s the best boy.

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