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18 People Who Remembered Things They Never Should've Forgotten In The First Place

"I just remembered the word 'kumquat' exists."

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1. The Sims 2: Pets for Nintendo DS:

i just remembered the sims 2 pets DS exists and im SOBBING

2. This fan art of Harry Styles and a chicken:

I just remembered that this fanart exists and I can't stop laughing.

3. The word "kumquat":

i just remembered that the word “kumquat” exists 😂

4. Yaddle from Star Wars:

just remembered yaddle exists and wanted to make sure everyone else suffers with me

5. This picture of a snake in a seatbelt:

I was having a no good day but then I remembered this photo exists

6. Candy buttons:

Just remembered this war crime of a candy exists and felt a rage I haven’t felt since I was 4 years old

7. Bob Saget:

I almost started crying because I just remembered that Bob Saget exists

8. Lambs:

9. Manatees:

i literally just remembered manatees exist and i'm sitting here like ":o" for real

10. Taylor Momsen's eyeliner:

i just remembered taylor momsen exists and i went to check if she still does that weird eye makeup. to save u all looking her up on instagram, the answer is yes

11. This face:

i just remembered that this face exists and died laughing in the middle of the bathroom

12. Pogo sticks:

today is a good day because i remembered that pogo sticks exist

13. Mosquitoes:

I just remembered that mosquitos exist and now I’m too angry to sleep.

14. Tea:

I just remembered tea exists and got wild excited it do be like that

15. Teeth:

@internetcivet i was gonna say “do you have loads of bones in your mouth” but then i remembered teeth exist

16. Scarecrows:

i jst suddenly remembered scarecrows exist n now i’m frightened

17. Content-aware scaled cat pictures:

It’s snowing again but I remembered content aware scaled cat pictures exist so there ya go

18. And, last but not least, Twitter itself:

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