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    • miloblue12

      I happily met my SO in Munich, Germany. Unbeknownst to both of us, we had traveled on the same train from Prague to Munich together. It wasn’t until he asked to sit beside me at our hostel, that we officially met. The odds were so against us, especially staying at a hostel with over 100 people there, yet we managed to cross paths. Funny thing? Before we had met, we both knew the time and date when we wanted to leave. He had to go to Milan to go home and I was headed to another place in Germany. However, I kid you not, our trains left within minutes of each other from the exact platform. It was the cheesiest yet most romantic goodbyes!
      Ever since we met last July, while we were both backpacking Europe, we have been talking ever single day, non stop. He is from Missouri but going to school in Oklahoma and I’m from Kentucky, so meeting is daunting, but we’ve been happily dating since October.
      I’m so fortunate to have met him in Munich and so far, we’ve had a heck of an adventure and hopefully many more to come!

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