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    This Twitter Thread Explains Perfectly Why Sharpay Was The REAL Victim Of High School Musical

    Twitter user @SHARPAYSAVICTIM posted a lengthy passionate rant explaining why Sharpay Evans deserves better, and it is possibly the BEST thread that twitter has ever seen.

    Get ready to see HSM from a completely new perspective.

    The Truth


    That's totally illegal...

    Say it again for the people in the back


    Are you convinced yet?

    How about now?


    Okay you HAVE to be by now...

    Admit it

    Sharpay deserves better.

    You know she does.

    She was robbed.

    Well done, you have now converted to Sharpayism!

    1. So, was Sharpay the REAL victim of HSM?

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    So, was Sharpay the REAL victim of HSM?
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