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Which Of These Latin Foods Is The Actual Best?

We'll call it friendly (and fierce) competition. Whichever your fave may be, pair it with an ice-cold Miller Lite.

1. Which one is your first pick: barbacoa or pernil?

2. Are you in the mood for some gorditas or pupusas?

3. You feelin' like ropa vieja or some carnitas?

4. What's it gonna be: chicha morada or agua de horchata?

5. Ponche or coquito?

6. Let's talk sweets: flan or natilla?

7. Plátanos con queso or quesadillas?

8. Tequeños or empanadas?

9. Salchipapas or chilaquiles?

10. Pão de queijo or conchas?

11. Hallacas or tamales?

12. Caldo de gallina or pozole?

13. And finally: arepas or tacos?

No matter which dishes make YOU the happiest, celebrate the joy of eating bomb food with Miller Lite.