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19 GIFs That Are Shamelessly Epic

WARNING: Everything in these GIFs is really cool. Also really cool? Drinking Miller Lite, the original light beer.

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1. Just owning it on not one, but TWO skateboards.

2. No place to hang out in like a scary water tunnel.

3. Playing tennis with fire is, like, NBD.

4. Base jumping from a speeding car is to this guy what changing the channel is to you.

5. Oh, OK.

6. These people just survived death by shark as if they do it every day.

Atlas Entertainment / Via

7. Let's be real: You have a hard time just lighting candles.

8. "Just going to work, see you losers later!"

Discovery Channel / Via

9. Ninety-nine percent certain this sheep just stole this surfboard and rode away on it.

10. He's like, "I'll see myself out!"

11. This guy takes your fear of heights and spits on it.

12. And you thought doing a pull-up was ridiculously hard.

13. ???!?!? HOW???

14. You might not know this, but this monkey is the inventor of "chill."

Animal Planet / Via

15. Living on the dang edge right now.

16. Is this in a church?!

17. Apparently anything is possible.

18. This motorcycle just got owned:

19. And this is how you win even after you've failed:

Be cool with Miller Lite, back in the original can.

Miller Lite