15 Reasons You Should Love The Great Outdoors

Thinking about staying indoors all weekend? Think again! Get off that couch. Turn off the TV, and leave your phone at home. Enjoy mother nature at its finest. To Love, Sweat and Beers™.

1. You can have some sweet inner tube hangouts on the river.

Ted Murphy / Via Flickr: tedmurphy

2. You can look at this beautiful landscape instead of everyone’s annoying Facebook updates.

Hans Fransen / Via commons.wikimedia.org

3. You’re never stuck in traffic.

Morgan30 / Via commons.wikimedia.org

4. Hiking up a mountain is much better than hiking up an escalator at your local mall.

Nentori / Via commons.wikimedia.org

5. You can make unexpected friends.

6. This form of transportation is way better than the bus.

Alicia Nijdam / Via Flickr: anijdam

7. Fresh air and no hashtags.

8. Camping pranks!!!

9. SPEED BOATS!! Nuff said.

Dennis Jarvis / Via Flickr: archer10

10. A campfire definitely beats sitting around your friend’s cramped apartment watching Netflix on a tiny laptop.

Jerry Kirkhart / Via Flickr: jkirkhart35

11. Jet Skiing! Try doing that indoors. Impossible.

12. You could catch something awesome!

Costaricapro / Via commons.wikimedia.org

13. Music sounds much better with an epic background.

Noahbloom / Via Flickr: noahbloom

14. Good ole fashion camping.

Stefanocek / Via commons.wikimedia.org

15. And…..glamping. Glamorous camping.

Samuel Etienne / Via commons.wikimedia.org

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