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15 Reasons You Deserve A High-Five Today

You did it. You really did it. Reward your balanced lifestyle with an epic palm-slapping. To Love, Sweat and Beers™.

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1. You got up before your alarm went off, successfully avoiding pissing off your roommate for snoozing for an hour. High five.

2. Took the stairs up to the office, all 15 floors of it. Even beat the elevator with Jeff from accounting in it. Air five.

The Office, NBC / Via

3. Tempted to have a midmorning snack of artificially flavored crisps with high fat content? I THINK NOT. High. Five.

4. You got your inbox down to zero, plenty of time to hang around the water cooler and chat about last night's episode of Breaking Mad Dead of Thrones. The highest of fives.

5. Had a great idea. You didn't tell anyone yet, but some self-congrats are in order. Self-five.

NBC, 30 Rock / Via

6. Looks like you're batting first on the company softball team. BOO-YA, JEFF FROM ACCOUNTING.

NBC, Saturday Night Live / Via

7. You befriended the guy who restocks the vending machine, natch, and now you get infinite cold delicious seltzer water. High five!

Step Brothers, Columbia Pictures / Via

8. When faced with the awesome, life-altering choice of taking the stairs or the escalator, you always choose stairs, because you're the boss of how fast you move between floors.

9. You walked home from work today, successfully avoiding terrible traffic and one very upsetting bumpersticker you would have been staring at for at least thirty minutes. Street five.

10. Awesome nostalgic movie on TV? Nope, nothing can stop you from hitting the gym.

Top Gun, Paramount Pictures / Via

11. Guess who didn't make it to the gym today? That's right, your rival, JEFF. You still got it.

12. You realized while jazzercising that you've actually managed to put your liberal arts degree to work in a meaningful way. Put that palm UP.

Iron Man, Paramount Pictures / Via

13. You just nailed a trivia question during trivia night but want to remain humble amongst your teammates, so you employed an age-old high-five technique.

How I Met Your Mother, CBS / Via

14. Tonight you will leave your closet door open while you sleep because you're an adult now, and adults do these sorts of things.

Supernatural, CW / Via

15. And via Facebook message you successfully befriended Jeff from accounting, even though he's been somewhat competitive because it's all about teamwork. WE'RE GONNA CRUSH THOSE CLOWNS NEXT WEEK IN SOFTBALL.

How I Met Your Mother, CBS / Via

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