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10 Ways To Get Out Of Awkward Conversations During The Holidays

Caught in your uncle's untimely political rant? No one will mind if you got distracted during your uncle's rant about global warming as long as your excuse is, “Sorry, I was eating a Milky Way™.”

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1. When you see a relative approaching, play dead.


It works for animals, so why not humans?

2. Say that you "forgot something downstairs."

3. Make THEM feel uncomfortable.


Then they'll leave, and you're all good.

4. When someone tries to engage, pretend you didn't see them.

5. Spill something on them.


When you leave, they'll assume you're bringing them napkins or whatever, but no one said you actually had to come back.

6. Do something gross.

7. Pass out mid-sentence.


No one will ask any questions. You just ate a lot of turkey.

8. Show off your cool new dance move.


Just make sure it involves a smooth getaway.

9. Casually blend in with your surroundings.


Maybe they won't notice you.

10. If worse comes to worst, just grab all your favorite foods and run away.