10 Reasons Moms Are Unforgettable

Moms are truly one of a kind. Your mom gave you her best, so you should give her yours. If you missed Mother’s Day this year, just remember that the best apology is always, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

1. She always left a note in your lunchbox.

2. She made your bed properly, even if you didn't

3. She woke you up on time so you didn't need an alarm

4. She'd put your "art" up on the fridge even if the MoMA wouldn't (yet)

Eric Harris

5. She taught you not to talk to strangers

Mike Baird / Via Flickr: mikebaird

6. She was always there for you when you made a mistake…

7. … and tried to stop you from making them in the first place.

8. She helped you do your best at school

9. She'll always answer your calls, even if you wish she knew how to text

10. And most of all, she's the one who can always calm you down.

Just like this gif.

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