10 Creative Ways To Make It Up To Mom

Moms love stuff you made yourself. But if you were too distracted to remember to make something for her on Mother’s Day, here’s some gifts other creative people have already made. If all else fails, just give her the best apology, “Sorry I was eating a Milky Way™.”

1. Chances are, your mom drinks coffee. Why not make sure her hands don't get burned, like all those times she stopped you from touching the stove?

2. Whether or not she's a history buff, these days "Keep Calm and Carry On" and "Keep Calm and Call Mom" are practically the same thing.

3. This necklace is more than just a great piece of jewelry, it also symbolizes the "nest" that your mom helped build for you.

4. If you had a mom like this, you know the kind—always happy to have your friends over, always had the best snacks, and best of all: bedtime was lenient.

5. The best way to give this gift to her is to make her breakfast (her favorite cereal, of course) in the morning. Just watch her face when she sees the "hidden message."

6. We all know moms love soaps, especially handcrafted ones. And this one even has fairies on it!

7. Let's just say your mom will be REALLY impressed with your woodworking skills.

8. Listen: your mom probably has some rings. Why not give her a place to put them when they're not on her finger? (And if you're really good, you should give her a ring, too.)

9. For some classic mom, go with these classically shaped and classically colored earrings. Can't go wrong with something everyone (your mom) knows works.

10. Tasteful. Elegant. May or may not result in a batch of freshly baked cookies.

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