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11 Times Kids Proved They Should Run The World

If kids ran the world, things would be a lot simpler – for the better.

1. Let's be honest for one second – kids have a pretty good viewpoint of the world.

It's things like this that prove they should definitely be in charge.

2. They aren't afraid to make mistakes in the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

3. They'll make the most out of the simplest of things...

4. And they will always give it to you straight.

5. Kids have a unique and beautiful understanding of the world.

Anyone who applies Queen Bey to every possible situation is someone we want to be in a leadership role.

6. Kids possess an incredible ability to include everybody in the fun...

7. well as a dream of bringing everyone together.

8. Kids are experts at bringing a smile to everyone's face.

9. They're only interested in making the world a better place.

10. Kids will love anyone despite their imperfections.

11. So when it comes to running the world, they've definitely got our vote.

Think about it – kids running the world can only be a good thing. Keep it simple with Milkybar.

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