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11 Puppies Who Learned The Hard Way

Life definitely has a learning curve. Here are a few puppies who came face to face with hard realities way before they had to, and be sure to reward your own dog's good behavior by giving him a Milk-Bone.

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1. This Guy Learned Animatronics Should Stay In The Movies

2. This Lad Learned That "Life Alert" Really Is A Good Service

3. This Wee One Learned That Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

4. This Puppy Finally Realized That Eating Off The Floor Ain't So Bad

5. This Little Man Learned That Some Things Are Scarier Than Water That's Not Room Temperature

6. This Guy Learned There Are More Dangerous Things To Run With Than Scissors

7. This Puppy Learned That Rocks Do What They Want

8. This Cowboy Learned What Happens When You Lose Your Keys

9. And This Señorita Learned There's No Such Thing As A "Quiet Sunday"

10. This Gal Learned That It's Not A Real Audition If No One Else Is There

11. This Dude Learned If You Don't Tell Anyone What You Want For Your Birthday, You're Going To Get Something You Don't Want