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11 Signs Your Dog Is Actually Your Child

There's nothing wrong with treating your pets like children. Taking care of fur-babies is a lot of work. Give them only the best with Milk-Bone® dog snacks this Valentine's Day.

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1. You slept on the floor the first week you brought your new pal home so he’d stop whimpering at night.

An old alarm clock tick could never compare to the sound of your own heartbeat.

2. You talk to your pooch like she’s a newborn.

"Hewwo my cuddly, precious little girly."

3. You’ve thought about buying a dog stroller... / Via

Because sometimes long walks can be too long, ya know?

4. ...but you know it's far more important for your pup to get the right amount of exercise. / Via

Plus, they're totally your favorite workout partner.

5. You freak out the minute you hear an unusual noise.

"WAS THAT A SNEEZE?! OMG, IT WAS A SNEEZE! SHOULD WE CALL THE VET?! CALL THE VET. There, there. It's all gonna be OK, baby!"

6. You get really nervous whenever you have to go on a business trip, because you’re worried about leaving your pet in someone else's care.

CBS / The Big Bang Theory /

"What if they don't give her enough food or kiss her goodnight?!"

7. You know how hard it is to stand your ground when they give you those puppy-dog eyes.

8. You'll do anything you can to make sure your dog is comfortable.


Even if that means letting your drowsy pup rest his head on the kitchen table.

9. You make sure never to let them out of the house without their shoes on when it's cold out.

Via /

Because you don't want their little paws to get hurt. Also, it looks real good.

10. You feel all warm and tingly when you get home and notice how happy your lil love is to see you. / Via

Seriously, is there anything better?

11. You can’t remember your life before your dog came into it.

And you wouldn't want it any other way.

You really care about the kind of treats you give your dog.

Show them love with Milk-Bone® dog snacks and give them only the best!