11 Dogs Who Are Seriously Excited About The Holidays

The true joy of holidays is embodied by dogs.

Happiness is a warm puppy during the holidays.
Check out these dogs who are celebrating the spirit of the season with love, gratefulness, and abounding happiness.
Bring this same joy to your dog with Milk-Bone® dog snacks.

1. This pup who's practiced all year for the family Christmas card.

This is how dogs say cheese.

2. This puppy who took "getting into the holiday spirit" literally.

Either that, or he’s the Ghost of Christmas Cute.

3. This dog who's trying to figure out how to track a package.

Wait, what’s a zip code?

4. These dogs who are ready if Prancer calls in sick.

tinfoilraccoon / Via Flickr: 34756977@N00

Flying is easy, right?

5. This dog who excited himself right into a nap waiting for Santa.

lihingmuibaby / Via foap.com

Visions of Milk-Bone® treats danced in his head.

6. This pup who knows not to peek until Santa's all done.

ceiling / Via Flickr: 62116165@N00

Patience… patience…

7. Did someone say PRESENTS?!

Putting that supersonic hearing to good use.

8. This pup who knows one of these presents is filled with Milk-Bone® dog snacks.

C Jill Reed / Via Flickr: mulmatsherm

If only he could read the gift tags.

9. This dog who is rocking her new sled.

Snow’s never a problem when you’re always wearing your winter coat.

10. These puppies who are more than delighted with their Christmas ham.

Yovany Alas / Via Flickr: cubanrefugee

No forks needed, thanks.

11. And this dog, who already has everything he'd ever want.

Love beats anything you can put a bow on.

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