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10 Ways You’ll Spoil Your Dog This Valentine’s Day

Your dog is your one true love. Pull out all the stops this Valentine's Day and show them how much you care with Milk-Bone® brand!

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1. You'll start off the day by buying your pooch their favorite flowers.

2. And smothering them with millions of hugs.

3. Then you'll set up a playdate with their BFF, because they always have so much fun together.

4. You'll spend hours at the dog park...

5. ...where you’ll play fetch for as long as they want.

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6. Maybe you'll even have time for an exciting game of catch!

7. Either way, you’ll definitely get some glamour shots taken and use the great outdoors as a natural backdrop.

8. Once you get home, you’ll draw a puppy bubble bath, so your pup can decompress after their long day...

9. ...and make them a meal nicer than the one you make yourself.

10. Before it's time to turn in, you’ll put on their favorite song and dance the night away.

So don’t forget to treat your dog with Milk-Bone® dog snacks this year, and make it the best Valentine's Day ever!