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Tips For Designing Food Packaging That Really Stands Out

After you're done creating your food product, you must start thinking about how to create packaging that your customers will find appealing and attractive.

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Food packaging comes with a unique set of challenges that you wouldn't see in other industries. In addition to being designed in a way that captivates the attention of buyers, it must also comply with a variety of FDA standards and requirements that vary from one state to the next.

Here are a few tips that you can use to come up with packaging designs that let you stand out from the rest of the crowd while being in compliance with all relevant regulations:

Create a Strong Visual Appeal

When you design your food product packaging, you have endless possibilities as to the visual elements that you'll include to attract your target audience. Modern packaging materials and printing techniques make it possible for even small businesses with limited budgets to get packaging in blazing and vivid colors.

Place your logo in a way that will be easily noticed by shoppers and be sure to include high quality images or photos of your product.

Include Information to Help Consumers Choose You Over Others

Just how picky your buyers will be depends on the type of food product you're making. While buyers of snack foods may just want something that tastes great and won't pay too much attention to what goes into your product, those who are looking for healthier food options are likely to want to know more about what they're eating.

The information you include will therefore depend on what kind of product you're trying to sell. Common elements found on food packaging can be a description of what your product is, the name of the manufacturer or distributor, your website, information on whether the product needs to be refrigerated and how to safely handle it, as well as general usage and serving suggestions.

Be sure to emphasize on what makes your product better than competing options. Does it use entirely natural ingredients? Is it proudly made in the USA? Is it made with a new and improved recipe? Does it come in a unique format? Don't forget to include this information in a manner that is easily seen by the consumer, as it may be what catches their attention and makes them pick up your product to have a closer look. Even if they don't buy it right away, they may keep your brand name in mind and decide to try your product the next time they shop.

Pay Attention to Labeling Requirements

Packaged food products need to comply with a variety of labeling requirements in order to be sold to the public. Most of these requirements come from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and include a list of ingredients contained in your product, a nutrition facts panel and relevant nutrition claims.

Certain specific food products may be subject to additional labeling requirements. Individual states may also require certain packaged foods to include specific information on the packaging or an affixed label. Important information, such as nutrition facts and the presence of ingredients that are common allergens must be presented in a way that is easy for consumers to see and read.

Getting Some Help

If you've never designed food product packaging before, it's always a good idea to get some input from the pros. Providers of food packaging often have an in-house design team with a detailed knowledge of food packaging that can provide you with advice and even create designs based on your ideas.

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