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    Posted on Dec 19, 2017

    We Investigated Aliens With UFO Hunters And Were Blown Away

    The truth is out there...or is it?

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    Do aliens exist? Is there actually life on other planets? Do we have extraterrestrial friends we're not hanging out with?

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    Those are some legit questions a lot of us have.

    Watch this guys spend 24 hours hunting aliens with extraterrestrial experts!

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    Miles Bonsignore was fascinated by the whole thing, and wanted really badly to believe in UFOs and aliens, but he wasn't quite there yet. He needed some convincing, so he went to an organization called MUFON.


    It's a UFO network that investigates extraterrestrial claims and UFO sightings.

    First, Miles met with executive director Jan C. Harzan, who claimed that extraterrestrial life forms have made contact with our planet.


    Jan said that he and his brother actually had a close encounter with a craft when he was 10 years old, which prompted his UFO fascination. Whoa!

    Then Miles met a group of people with a helluva lot of interesting UFO stories and theories.


    One of their brothers was a cattle mutilation expert. Huh?!?

    Miles was also told by a chief investigator in Southern California about a guy they called "Andy," who said he had a legit alien encounter in his bedroom when he was a kid.

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    Andy even drew this picture documenting his otherworldly experience.

    Okay, so Miles was deeply compelled by all the fascinating info he was getting, but wasn't entirely convinced...yet.


    So, he tagged along with MUFON Southern California field investigator Jeff Krause for a field investigation in northern California after someone reported a UFO sighting.

    They heard from a woman (who wished to remain anonymous) who said she saw a vessel as big as a house while driving in a car with a friend.


    "I panicked. I stopped, hit the brakes. It felt peaceful, but I was nervous 'cause it was...exciting. And it was just hovering there above the house."

    By the end of their field study investigation, Miles was more confused than ever.


    "She seemed like a genuine, nice person. She seemed totally normal. It would be unlikely that she would just have some sort of hallucinogenic break."

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