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    19 Types Of People You Are Bound To Meet In A Hostel

    Different countries, languages, travel purposes... same habits.

    1. The Guy With A Guitar

    2. Partying Australians/Canadians

    3. The Gap-Year Student

    4. The Wannabe Local

    5. The Drunk Girl

    6. The Male Slut

    7. The Girl With A Boyfriend

    8. The Guy In A Long-Distance Relationship

    9. The One That Never Left

    10. The Slob

    11. The Lone Ranger

    12. The Moneybag

    13. The Phone Addict

    14. The Clinger

    15. The Hippie Traveler

    16. The Obnoxiously Happy Couple

    17. The Passport Stamps Collector

    18. The Hardcore Volunteer

    19. The Older Man Still Roughing It