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    19 Types Of People You Are Bound To Meet In A Hostel

    Different countries, languages, travel purposes... same habits.

    1. The Guy With A Guitar


    Sitting on the backrest of the couch, plucking those sweet guitar strings...

    2. Partying Australians/Canadians


    He and his friend would drink shots every morning and never really stop.

    3. The Gap-Year Student


    A year away from school to explore the world? Everyone trying to cram a country in two weeks annual leave is insanely jealous of these “students.”

    4. The Wannabe Local

    NBC / Via

    He’s been in this country so long that he’s speaking the language, dressing like a local, and explaining why their customs are better!

    5. The Drunk Girl


    She can drink more than anyone else at the hostel, but that doesn’t mean she can handle her booze. She’ll wake up the next morning a mess and missing her phone and passport.

    6. The Male Slut

    He’s charming! He’s also riddled with STDs. Hook up at your own risk!

    7. The Girl With A Boyfriend

    ABC / Via

    He might be real. Or he might be a convenient excuse to fend off all the guys trying to get with her.

    8. The Guy In A Long-Distance Relationship


    She is real! And has no idea what her boyfriend is doing miles away in a hostel while texting her how much he loves her. Watch out for those or you’ll end up being the reason for someone’s broken heart.

    9. The One That Never Left

    He set up residence in the hostel and never left. Usually changing some bed sheets and doing some hostel cleaning in exchange for a bed.

    10. The Slob

    NBC / Via





    a person who is lazy and has low standards of cleanliness.

    "He's a slob and expects others to clean up after him"

    Synonyms: layabout, good-for-nothing, sluggard, slug, laggard

    11. The Lone Ranger

    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    They are traveling alone. You’ll see them doing yoga by themselves on the beach, walking alone, taking pictures. And just as easily they slide away unnoticed to wherever these individuals go.

    12. The Moneybag

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

    This guy shows up with the latest name-brand outfit, tons of the newest Apple equipment, and 10 credit cards sponsored by his well-to-do parents. Although he’s on this trip to find himself, he’s really just traveling on his parents' money!

    13. The Phone Addict

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    The one whose first question at the check-in is the Wi-Fi password. Check-in, Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, check-in again, post, comment, like... You rarely get the luxury of their attention.

    14. The Clinger


    No invitation needed.

    15. The Hippie Traveler

    Nickelodeon / Via

    They might be friendly, interesting, and share their alternative lifestyle views; or they might be annoying with their naive rants against corporations, establishments, and systems.

    16. The Obnoxiously Happy Couple

    Well aren’t they cute, with their matching backpacks and their shared experiences.

    17. The Passport Stamps Collector

    Cartoon Network / Via

    These guys are also known as "destination tickers."

    18. The Hardcore Volunteer

    Lionsgate / Via

    I’m-saving-the-world types!

    19. The Older Man Still Roughing It

    NBC / Via

    Hostels are dominated by young people, so it’s always weird when you have the older person staying in your dorm. You never quite know how to behave around them.

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