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  • Definitive Epitaph for the ‘R-word’

    [You are my FAVORITE Buzzfeed poster and I am so hoping you will consider posting this for me. Please feel free to edit/put in third person/post without story - I trust you. Just want it to keep going viral!] In the hope of making the world a safer place for our 21 month old miracle daughter, Gemma, who has Down syndrome, I approached the talented young graphic designer of the “That’s so….and you choose ‘gay’? Buy a dictionary” poster to design one for the r-word. She did, and it went crazy viral in a matter of days. Faith in humanity = restored. View Image ›

  • R-Word Epitaph

    For Ann Coulter, Margaret Cho, or just the random asshat who fights hard to wake up on the wrong side of history, this pretty much says it all.

  • Best Birthday Card Ever <3

    Saw this on FB today and want the world to see it! I’m a momma to a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome, as well, and want the world to know our children are NOT a tragedy. They are determined little miracles who, I have little doubt, will change the world :) From the Youtube description: “This video is designed bring about awareness and teach others about the hopes and dreams of those with Down Syndrome as well as combat the use of old school words such as retarded.”

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