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9 Natural Ingredients To Beautify Your Entire Body

And you can actually afford them.

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1. Coconut Oil.

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Packed with medium-chain fatty acids and anti-bacterial properties. Basically, healthy fats that don't make you fat plus a boost for your immune system.

How to use it:


Conditioning hair mask in the shower.

Apply after shampooing, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse.
Makeup remover.

Melts mascara right off your face.

Under eye cream before bed.

Hydrates to fight fine lines, bags, and dark circles.

Lip balm.
Locks in moisture and tastes yummy.

Shaving cream.
Don't shave with it in the shower though because it's super slippery!

Ice cream topping.
It freezes into little chips and is the best food hack since frozen grapes)."

Sophie loves these lip balms more than Sex And The City.


$14.98 for 4 seasonal balms.

How to use it:


Massage butter.

Makes anyone an instant masseuse.

Improved eye makeup.

Apply to your eyelids before adding makeup and your look will stay fresh longer.

Heal and ward off stretch marks.

Increases collagen production and skin elasticity.

Abby's hot waterproof lashes.


How to use it:


Face cleansing.

Wipe out the bad bacteria hanging out on your face.

Face serum.

Illuminates the face with a healthy glow.


Probiotics nourish a healthier complexion.

Eat it!

Probiotics are full of proteins and build skin health from the inside out.

Elyse stopped using sea urchin slime!


Sophie looks cute covered in clay.


Fiber diet for longer lashes.

Simply Spoiled

3D Fiber Mascara. It adds pieces of fiber to your lashes as you apply it. Basically, they're fake lashes that you can paint on and layer as thick as you want.

Elyse is a fiber freak.


6. Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice.

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This hyperactive juice penetrates the skin's layers four times faster than water and delivers amino acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It's also the only plant that carries vitamin B12.

How to use it

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Mouth Wash.

An alternative to chemical cleansers for dental hygiene and better breath. Mix 1 parts aloe gel with 2 parts water.

Wound healing.

Apply it to an injury to nourish the skin and boost recovery time.

Burn relief.

Instant cooling and hydration for relief and healing from sun irritation or other burns.

Aloe overload body lotion.


Wanderlust body lotion by Redflower is packed with aloe vera and smells amazing. The set comes with a complementary body wash and a candle that smells so good it should be illegal.

Bathtime with Alexis.


How to use it:

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Body oil.

Reduces appearance of age spots, boosts collagen production, and protects from UV radiation.

Hair growth treatment.

Apply throughout your scalp and hair for improved hair structure and quicker growth.

Massage oil from the gods.

S.W. Basics

This body oil gives you all the benefits of avocado oil plus sesame and macadamia oils, and the incredible scent of lemongrass oil. Also doubles as the best massage oil ever.

WAKE UP! It's not 1993 anymore.


How to use it:

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Supplements & Citrus.

Citrus fruits and vitamin supplements are a great way to increase your C intake and distribute its effects across your whole body.

Hair health.

Hair products should pack a punch of vitamin C to keep your hair strong. It helps to absorb iron.

Face masks.

We love this recipe. Blend together one kiwi and 1/2 cup papaya. Apply it to your face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and rinse with cold water.

Iliana can't stop touching her face.


How to use it:

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Salt baths help to stimulate blood circulation and aid body aches and arthritis.

Psoriasis treatment.

Soaking afflicted areas can be effective in reducing inflammation!

Wrinkle Reduction.

Mix with oils to soften and reduce deep wrinkles.

Sea breeze in a bottle.


Sea Minerals Mist by Osea combines dead sea salt with seaweed extracts and makes your skin feel amazing. Moisturizes and seals makeup against humidity, reduces tightness and inflammation. Also looks gorgeous on your shelf.

Sam salts her sunburn.