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    • mikie3

      I was definitely a teen in the 90’s but didn’t even know who that Jared guys was, didn’t wear nailpolish or lipstick, and I’ve never seen “Romeo & Juliet” or been to a ‘rave’….I’ve never heard of “Fashion Club”, never died my hair, or played that weird looking “mall” game…much less shop at any of the stores mentioned. I never owned a pair or Mary Janes or Doc Martins or a pager or a choker. I have no idea who Ricky Vasquez or the other two chicks are, and I never owned a cd discman or used Noxema…I only know she was the ugly girlfriend Dylan broke up with Brenda for on 90210. So…while I had a pretty great childhood, I can certainly attribute it to other things that were way more important than these trivial items….Go figure.

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