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    • MikeyV

      Some of you are incredibly harsh against someone simply because they are in porn. His profession does not invalidate his opinion.  To deny that gay male culture has been incredibly sexualized due in part to historical homophobia and the nature of male sexuality is a disservice to our community and shames a great many men who do not fit your new married ideal. The fact is that heterosexual and homosexual people male and female cheat on their spouses regularly, many are also monogamous. I think this article is simply saying that gay men are more open about their sexual needs than other people and make it a frank discussion in their marriage, which I think is healthy, rather than using subterfuge. As for everyone who is claiming that everyone you know is monogamous and this is an insulting and absurd statement Mr. Habib is making and incredibly damaging, check your phones for Grindr and your computer for Conner Habib’s asshole and then get back to me. Your puritan moralizing is sex shaming and is disruptive to people gay and straight who are trying to put forth safe sex agendas for all people.

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