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21 Normal Aussie Things That Will Confuse The Rest Of The World

Sometimes "c*nt" is a term of endearment.

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1. Learning about drugs and alcohol from a giraffe in a van.

Mikey Nicholson for BuzzFeed

2. Putting a yeast spread on toast.

7 Network

3. Attempting to claim pavlova as an Aussie invention.


4. Giving iconic ice creams progressive names.

5. But then eating lollies that look like little brown babies.


6. Pouring hundreds and thousands on to buttered bread.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: aenigmates

7. Adding chicken ~flavouring~ to salt to make it even more delicious.


8. Drinking a milk beverage through a Tim Tam.


9. Improving burgers with the addition of beetroot.

Golden Circle

10. Making edible chocolate versions of the adorable wildlife.


11. Eating both animals on the coat of arms.

Mikey Nicholson for BuzzFeed

12. Selling sausages in bread outside hardware stores.

13. Spending five days playing one game of sport.

Gareth Copley / Getty Images

14. Awarding a point for a missed shot on goal.


15. Drinking goon from a clothesline.

16. Changing the prime minister at the drop of a hat.

17. Wearing thongs... everywhere.

18. And always checking each shoe before putting them on.

19. Shortening the names of EVERYTHING.

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fishyone1

20. Saying things that don't really make sense.

21. And using "cunt" as a term of endearment.