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27 Tweets That Prove Australia Is The Most WTF Country

Bacrocen: The ~traditional~ crocodile, stuffed with chicken and wrapped in bacon.

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1. When we were the sneakiest boozers on the planet.

[Pic] How to smuggle wine into Licensed Only concert venues. #MeanwhileInAustralia

2. When every day was a struggle.

3. When our police had their priorities mixed up...

4. ...but our media knew what was up.

5. When a Macca's lunch turned hazardous.

I love eating lunch in McDonalds #MeanwhileInAustralia #McDonalds #Sydney

6. When this was a reminder that no garden is safe.

7. And, of course, when this would only happen in Australia.

Australians asked to collect deadly spiders to save themselves! (& drop them off at our lab)

8. When our Jurassic Park looked a little different.

STRUTH! Happy Australia Day Everyone! What are your plans? #Straya #ausday #MeanwhileInAustralia #struth

9. When we put our adorable animals to work.

So guys, that's a wrap! #meanwhileinAustralia #cute

10. And made them fend for themselves.

11. But then sometimes they would turn on us.

This #koala chasing a SA woman who was riding a quad bike is either cute or terrifying or both

The Drop Bear is real.

12. When this seemed necessary.

#MeanwhileinAustralia. Crash test roo. (via #driving

13. No really, it was necessary.

#MeanwhileInAustralia #MrRooTheKangaroo

14. When our obsession with Vegemite went a step too far.

15. When this was a thing that actually happened.

#MeanwhileinAustralia Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter

16. When our deadly animals were sometimes polite.

#MeanwhileInAustralia 7ft brown snakes politely knock when they visit.

17. Or misunderstood.

18. Or maybe just hungry.

19. When our weather was batshit insane.

@TheTeshTube #MeanwhileInAustralia The Feels

20. Like, literally all over the shop.

Snow falls around Hobart, down to the beach. Naturally, you go for a surf!

21. Particularly in summer.

22. And when the heat would drive people to the extremes.

23. When there was no match for the Aussie spirit.

Wait... What..?😂 #MeanwhileInAustralia

24. When the word "cunt" could take on many forms.

Which really confuses the fuck out of everyone.
Twitter: @rawr_itsemily_

Which really confuses the fuck out of everyone.

25. And when even our flights had sweary mouths.

#MeanwhileinAustralia. (via @flightorg) #flying #onlyinaustralia

26. When we were able to adapt any cuisine to our environment.

[Pic] Traditional Aussie Christmas BBQ'd 'Bacrocen: Bacon, crocodile and chicken' #MeanwhileinAustralia

27. And when the circle of life was complete.

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