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    25 Secrets A Commercial Radio Promo Team Will Never Tell You

    We probably don't have tickets to Taylor Swift.

    1. We rarely, if ever, give away "icy cold cans of Coca-Cola".

    2. But we spend a lot of time eating competitively with our colleagues to pass the time.

    3. Our office is messier than your bedroom and full of weird and wonderful things.

    4. The shirts we wear probably haven't been washed in a while.

    5. Duct tape fixes everything.

    6. If we ask to have a photo with you, just do it.

    7. It's not necessarily in our job description, but we always end up doing weird shit.

    8. If you see the promo car driving around, we're probably not listening to the radio station we work for.

    9. Being forced to listen to Top 40 music on repeat is torture.

    10. But we will often defend the reasons behind the repetition of songs.

    11. Big promotional events or outside broadcasts end up turning into child minding facilities...

    12. Listeners from outside the CBD are more responsive to promotions.

    13. We are regularly left speechless by the crazy shit listeners do and say.

    14. If we had $1 for every time someone told us "it will be good exposure", we'd never have to work again.

    15. We meet a lot of "celebrities".

    16. People constantly ask us for shout-outs or request songs.

    17. Setting a 4am alarm is something we experience far too regularly.

    18. And there are so. Many. Hungover. Shifts.

    19. Driving the cars into places without proper credentials and dealing with security is a skill we have to develop over time.

    20. Just because we're driving the promo car, doesn't mean we have free stuff.

    21. Letting us know it's your birthday doesn't mean we will give you more free shit.

    22. Chances are, we don't have Taylor Swift tickets.

    23. And we personally never get concert tickets.

    24. A lot of the time we do the heavy lifting with little or no thanks.

    25. But no one will ever know the bond we form as a promo team.