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19 Things People Who Are Terrible At Remembering Names Will Relate To


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1. Every introduction is an awkward AF nightmare.

Instagram: @_mookie23__

2. And it’s even more awkward if you see someone who knows you but you haven't got a clue who they are.

Instagram: @_chrissnowden

3. But you always try really hard to remember.

Instagram: @infinitybomb

4. Even if everything is working against you.

5. Sometimes it goes on for too long and you just have to go with it.

7. And you're definitely no good at improvising.

8. Even pop culture can cause you headaches.

9. Which means your "to watch" movie list is always light on the details...

10. ...and every movie with a large cast is your personal Everest.

Don't even think about Game of Thrones.

11. Gift-giving to family members you're not so close to can also be fraught with danger.

12. While there's only one true gift for you.

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But you probably can't even remember its name, tbh.

13. Having a dating life can be tricky.

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14. And you're constantly wishing there was a way around your problem.

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15. Even if you think you've got it covered...

16. always seem to get caught out.

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17. Which means you have to employ alternatives to make up for your lack of memory.

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18. The only time you feel less awkward is when you meet someone who is just as forgetful as you.

19. And you're constantly living in hope that one day you'll never have to worry about forgetting names again.