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19 Things People Who Are Terrible At Remembering Names Will Relate To


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1. Every introduction is an awkward AF nightmare.

Instagram: @_mookie23__

2. And it’s even more awkward if you see someone who knows you but you haven't got a clue who they are.

Instagram: @_chrissnowden

3. But you always try really hard to remember.

Instagram: @infinitybomb

10. ...and every movie with a large cast is your personal Everest.

Don't even think about Game of Thrones.


12. While there's only one true gift for you.

Instagram: @ddvenomiss

But you probably can't even remember its name, tbh.

13. Having a dating life can be tricky.

Instagram: @omaria127

14. And you're constantly wishing there was a way around your problem.

Instagram: @eastendboywestendgirl

16. always seem to get caught out.

Instagram: @hessian_hellcat

17. Which means you have to employ alternatives to make up for your lack of memory.

Instagram: @eflow00