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    This Teen Couple Received Death Threats After Uploading A "Grease" Cover

    "I hope you both drop dead. I really do."

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    This is Rhesa Ann Crowe and her boyfriend Nathan, singing their own version of iconic Grease song "You're The One That I Want".

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    While it captures a cute, if a little cringey, couple moment, it's had over five million Facebook views and over 100,000 comments in the last 24 hours.

    Rhesa uploaded the video to her Facebook yesterday. What followed was millions of views, thousands of shares and hundreds of hateful messages.

    Initially the comments on the video were supportive of the couple's love.


    But over time, and as the video was shared more and more, the comments got worse.


    And then things took a terrifying turn when Rhesa started to receive personal death threats.


    "Sometimes they go too far and inbox me saying I should kill myself and I should never be on this planet and it never hurts me, but I find it wrong on so many levels and find that people can be so rude," she told BuzzFeed News. "I even had adults that are few years older than me abuse me. It's very sick that they can be so nasty."


    Amazingly, Rhesa had a fairly relaxed response to the haters: "I guess it's just jealous people who don't have what I have".


    "In a way it’s confidence and great for self-esteem and a boyfriend who loves me as well... some people like it and love me and my boyfriend’s relationship, but others go too far."

    Rhesa said the best way to not let the trolls affect you is to ignore them.


    "I ignore them and have my boyfriend supporting me saying they're just jealous and want to be you and I know I am not in the wrong. Just be yourself and ignore people because they don't know you".

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