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    The Internet Helped A Sydney Photographer Find The Mystery Couple In This Stunning Photo

    Update: happy couple located.

    Sydney is a stunning backdrop for any occasion and photographer, Sam Yeldham captured the perfect moment between a couple on their wedding day right before a storm hit!

    Sam Yeldham

    Yeldham told BuzzFeed, "I was (for some crazy reason) shooting a time lapse sequence this weekend, trying to capture the storm roll over the city from Bradley's Head in Mosman. Right before sunset, a very newly wed coupled approached with their wedding photographer. It was consistently drizzling so they were debating whether or not to take their wedding photographs out in the open."

    "The bride was wearing a pretty long, flowing gown and was trying to prevent it from getting wet, her husband was trying to help her and combat the epic wind that was throwing the dress around."

    Sam Yeldham

    "It was kind of ridiculous how well-timed the shoot ended up being. The rain stopped just as the sun was hitting the bridge and was only clear for fifteen minutes or so... the couple walked out over the platform and probably managed to get into one good pose before the wind and weather threatened to ruin the shoot."

    Unfortunately, Yeldham doesn't know who the couple in the epic wedding photo is. "They left before I could get their details... I wish I had them!"

    Sam Yeldham

    "I have quite a few more photographs as well as a time lapse sequence of their first sunset as a married couple, I would love to find out who they are and give it to them."

    Do you know the couple? Contact Sam Yeldham here, and check out more of his work here.


    Success! Sam Yeldham has been contacted by the bride and groom, fittingly via Instagram, all the way from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

    The bride and groom, Jess and Chris, have been overwhelmed by the response to their wedding photo.


    Speaking to BuzzFeed from their honeymoon in Hawaii they said, "Bradley's Head is pretty popular. We wanted a nice harbour backdrop that wasn't too far from our reception venue."

    "The professional photos by Liv Style Photography were great! We were really lucky with the weather. It was sunny at the church and then rained the whole way in the car to Bradley's Head."

    Liv Corbett / Via Facebook: livstylephotography

    "When we arrived we didn't think we'd get any good shots but then for 15-20 seconds there was this amazing light! We were so lucky!"

    Nawwwww. Love + The Internet = Happy Ending.

    Facebook / Olivia Corbett / Via Facebook: livstylephotography


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