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These Badass Pugs Are Living The Thug Life And You'll Want To Join Their Squad

"I don't know what you heard about me... but I'm a motherfuckin' P.U.G."

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Enter Adam Jackman-Moore and ThePug.Life. Jackman-Moore told BuzzFeed, "The idea came about after our first shoot with a pug. This guy had character in spades and was such a little dude."

The Dog Photographers / Caters News Agency

"After a few beers, we decided there weren't enough photos of pugs living up to the pug life. By the end of the night my family and I registered the site and planned to do this as a fun side project from what we normally do. We usually don't dress dogs up, so the hunt was on for iconic accessories."

And the results are incredible.

The Dog Photographers / Caters News Agency

Jackman-Moore put out a casting call on the "Pugs In Perth" Facebook page and although he said it felt a little crazy telling people about what they had planned, it was well received. After 24 hours there were about 150 applicants who wanted to be involved.


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