The Definitive Ranking Of Australian Idol Performances

No turning chairs, no team judges, just pure glorified karaoke competition realness. TOUCHDOWN.

97. Daniel Belle - ‘Rock DJ’ (Season 2)

Can’t. Look. Away.

96. Lee Harding - ‘Ben’ (Season 3)

This actually happened. On Australian prime time television. In a world we live in.
MJ weeps.

95. Brianna Carpenter - ‘Fidelity’ (Season 5)


94. Mathew Chadwick - ‘If’ (Season 1)

Such smoulder. Many boring note. Very eliminate. Wow.

93. Carl Riseley - ‘It’s Not Unusual’ (Season 5)

Maybe stick to trumpet?

92. Reigan Derry - ‘I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker [With Flowers In My Hair]’ (Season 4)

Nice enough voice but remember how we’re all going to pay for letting this song be successful?

91. Scott Newnham - ‘Run It’ (Season 7)

The people in the control room had A LOT of fun with this Chris Brown cover.

90. Scott Newnham - ‘Kiss From a Rose’ (Season 7)

To Scott Newnham’s credit, the longer it goes, the more he seems to warm up.

89. Natalie Zahra - ‘Dancing In The Street’ (Season 3)

There are definitely notes being hit in this Martha & the Vandellas cover, I’m just not sure if any are the right ones.

88. Marty Worrall - ‘Drops of Jupiter’ (Season 2)

Probably should have stuck to Billy Corgan impersonations.

87. Daniel Mifsud - ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ (Season 5)

Turns out when you slow KISS down it’s practically unlistenable.

86. Lisa Mitchell - ‘Dancing With Myself’ (Season 4)

Oh oh oh oh no no no no.

85. Kelly Cavuoto - ‘Bring Me To Life’ (Season 1)

Interesting interpretation of an Evanescence classic. Not sure there are too many notes hitting the mark though.

84. Tom Williams - ‘You Raise Me Up’ (Season 6)

Footage taken from every high school performance day ever.

83. Rob Mills - ‘Angels’ (Season 1)

Love Millsy’s nod to Seinfeld with sneakers and jeans and never forget ‘Miss Vanity’.

82. Luke Dickens - ‘Flame Trees’ (Season 6)

Australian Idol has shown us that we live in a world where there is a singer who can out gravel Jimmy Barnes.

81. Lisa Mitchell - ‘Fall At Your Feet’ (Season 4)

Lisa Mitchell mostly looked like a deer in the headlights without her guitar even if Crowded House did seem like a good fit.

80. Casey Barnes - ‘Fire and Rain’ (Season 7)

The definition of WGWGs (White Guys With Guitars).

79. Marijana Topalovic - ‘It Must Have Been Love’ (Season 7)

It feels like even Marijana Topalovic didn’t want to be there by the end of the song.

78. Daniel Mifsud - ‘Cry Me a River’ (Season 5)

How hard could it be to sing JT? Fairly.

77. Tenielle Muslin - ‘Kiss Me’ (Season 7)

“There’s no putting a foot wrong with a Dawson’s Creek classic, surely?”

76. Lana Krost - ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ (Season 5)

Lisa Mitchell worked so well for Season 4 why not try again?

75. Madam Parker - ‘Closer’ (Season 6)

The importance of having a lower register.

74. Dan O’Connor - ‘Amazing’ (Season 2)

At least he got a job on Neighbours.

73. Toby Moulton - ‘Politik’ (Season 7)

When trendy dads put on skinny jeans Coldplay covers happen.

72. Teale Jakubenko - ‘Slide’ (Season 6)

The most interesting element of this contestant is his name and he made it to the Top 4!

71. Ben Worthington - ‘Tell Her About It’ (Season 3)

The Australian Idol stage turned into an RSL on a Friday night.

70. Anthony Callea - ‘Ignition’ (Season 2)

“Here we go-w”… Australians doing R. Kelly? Callea is the gift that keeps on giving.

69. Chrislyn Hamilton - ‘Think’ (Season 6)

The problem with Aretha is that she makes it sound so damn easy to pull off these belters.
It’s not.

68. Dean Geyer - ‘Turn the Beat Around’ (Season 4)

BACKFLIPS. That is all.

67. Anthony Callea - ‘The Reason’ (Season 2)

Anthony Callea sings Hoobastank and Australian Idol makes all the internet’s dreams come true.

66. Nathan Brake - ‘Music of the Night’ (Season 7)

Not sure the tactic of using Broadway classics to win a reality singing contest is ideal, but then Nathan Brake did make it to the Top 4 so who knows?

65. Mark Da Costa - ‘Nutbush City Limits’ (Season 5)

“I know, I’ll do a cover of that song everyone sorta knows the dance to at weddings.”

64. Holly Weinert - ‘Standing In The Way of Control’ (Season 5)

Partially here to highlight how badass Beth Ditto is, partially here because of the pottery part to Holly’s back story.

63. Chris Murphy - ‘Evie Pt.1’ (Season 4)

Brother to past contestant Courtney Murphy, the guitar mostly seems like a prop.

62. Tom Williams - ‘Waiting on the World to Change’ (Season 6)

The missing One Direction audition tape.

61. Amali Ward - ‘Shackles [Praise You]’ (Season 2)

Is there anything more noughties than a Mary Mary cover?

60. Hayley Jensen - ‘Weir’ (Season 2)

On the list because nothing puts the ‘Australia’ into Australian Idol like a cover of Killing Heidi.

59. Marty Simpson - ‘Won’t Back Down’ (Season 5)

Before Xavier Rudd became Xavier Rudd, probably.

58. Ricky Muscat - ‘Get Down On It’ (Season 4)

Did Australian Idol producers clone Anthony Callea?

57. Daniel Belle - ‘Your Song’ (Season 2)

Channelling Josh Groban was really big in the noughties even whilst singing Elton John.

56. Ricki-Lee Coulter - ‘Don’t Let Go’ (Season 2)

Husky tones and a capella En Vogue sent Ricki-Lee straight through to Sydney.

55. Kate Cook - ‘Landslide’ (Season 7)

Because akubra ALWAYS = country.

54. Jacob Butler - ‘When We Were Young’ (Season 5)

Say it with me, “VELOUR!”

53. Lisa Mitchell - ‘Collide’/’See It In Your Eyes’ (Season 4)

Howie Day + an original track sent Lisa Mitchell on a one way trip to becoming a Triple J darling.

52. Klancie Keough - ‘Jolene’ (Season 4)

Klancie Keough plays the role of the token Kountry singer.

51. James Johnston - ‘How to Save a Life’ (Season 7)

Gosh, The Fray had a lot of fun in the noughties.

50. Roshani Priddis - ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ (Season 6)

Because Em Rusciano’s version is no where to be found online.

49. Dean Geyer - ‘Nice To Meet You’ (Season 4)

How to avoid bombing a cover? Sing an original.

48. Emily Williams - ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Season 3)

It’s hard to take on Dolly or Whitney but Emily Williams shakily took on the challenge.

47. Lyall Adonis - ‘Original’ (Season 5)

Stock standard decent voice, guitar slinging, Australian Idol auditionee.

46. Kate DeAraugo - ‘Heaven’ (Season 3)

A Young Diva alum who started out as an Australian Idol winner. Nice pipes.

45. Wes Carr - ‘Black or White’ (Season 6)

White guy sings ‘Black or White’ by black guy who looks white.

44. Mark Spano - ‘Angie’ (Season 6)

A nice Rolling Stones cover ruined by Vile Kyle yelling “stupid girls” to the audience. Sigh.

43. Roxanne LeBrasse - ‘Natural Woman’ (Season 3)

Taking on an Aretha Franklin monster is no mean feat and Roxanne does pretty well by Australian Idol standards.

42. Milly Edwards - ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’ (Season 3)

Milly is totally Season 3’s “rock chick” because hair dye.

41. Dean Geyer - ‘I’ll Be’ (Season 4)

Look, Dean Geyer was never the strongest singer but picking an Edwin McCain cover shows how song choice really makes a difference.

40. Ben McKenzie - ‘Hide and Seek’ (Season 5)

Imogen Heap made it big with her tracks playing on The O.C which in turn stars American actor Benjamin McKenzie. So there’s that.

39. Bobby Flynn - ‘Under Pressure’ (Season 4)

Coming to a summer festival near you - HEAVY MALE EYE MAKE UP.

38. Kate Cook - ‘Untitled’ (Season 7)

Has there been a more earnest Australian Idol audition?

37. Tarisai Vushe - ‘I Have Nothing’ (Season 5)

Tarisai Vushe knows that Tarisai Vushe can sing.

36. Dan England - ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ (Season 3)

John Butler auditions for Australian Idol and gets through.

35. Natalie Gauci - ‘Umbrella’ (Season 5)

Step 1. Choose popular song.
Step 2. Slow down arrangement.
Step 3. ????

34. Emily Williams - ‘River Deep Mountain High’ (Season 3)

Emily Williams does what Cosima De Vito couldn’t - finish singing this blistering Ike & Tina Turner cover.

33. Hayley Warner - ‘I Do Not Hook Up’ (Season 7)

One of the better poppy punk contestants on Australian Idol.

32. Ben McKenzie - ‘Mad World’ (Season 5)

For a Gary Jules cover of a Tears for Fears song, teen Ben McKenzie gets the job done.

31. Thanh Bui - ‘Please Don’t Ask Me’ (Season 6)

The soothing sounds of John Farnham, ladies and gentlemen.

30. Bobby Flynn - ‘Under the Milky Way’ (Season 4)

Another of the legitimate musicians in the Australian Idol stables, Bobby Flynn went on to release an independent record.

29. Courtney Murphy - ‘She Will Be Loved’ (Season 2)

Murphy did the unimaginable, he made a Maroon 5 song listenable.

28. Peter Ryan - ‘Right Here Waiting For You’ (Season 1)

Peter might have nailed this Richard Marx song, but it turns out tween girls don’t vote for pig farmers from NSW.

27. Damien Leith - ‘Nessun Dorma’ (Season 4)

If singing in another language is good enough for Anthony Callea, it’s good enough for Damien Leith, right?

26. Natalie Gauci - ‘Boys In Town’ (Season 5)

Surely Chrissie Amphlett would approve of standing on a piano?

25. Stan Walker - ‘The Climb’ (Season 7)

In reality show world, gender switching songs is a sure fire way to success.

24. Tarisai Vushe - ‘Somebody To Love’ (Season 5)

Small lady, huge voice - knocks Queen outta the park.

23. Bobby Flynn - ‘Superfreak’ (Season 4)

Bringing a little bossanova to Australian Idol is risky but it paid off for Bobby Flynn with a TOUCHDOWN.

22. Stan Walker - ‘Ordinary People’ (Season 7)

NZ has been kind to Australian Idol.

21. Thanh Bui - ‘The Winner Takes It All’ (Season 6)

Thanh Bui just scrapes past Meryl Streep with this ABBA classic.

20. Natalie Gauci - ‘Man In The Mirror’ (Season 5)

Great to see an Australian Idol contestant doing a cover and not changing pronouns.

19. Shannon Noll - ‘Working Class Man’ (Season 1)

Guns. Barnes. Straya.

18. Matt Corby - ‘The Blower’s Daughter’ (Season 5)

Song choice, song choice, song choice. Matt Corby worked to his strengths with a popular Damian Rice cover off the Closer soundtrack.

17. Chanel Cole - ‘Constant Craving’ (Season 2)

At this point, I could listen to Chanel Cole sing parliamentary Hansard. Her cover of k.d lang is a treat!

16. Courtney Act - ‘You Don’t Own Me’ (Season 1)

Australian Idol introduced the world to Courtney Act and she’s never looked back.

15. Damien Leith - ‘Hallelujah’ (Season 4)

Shrek and Simon Cowell have a lot to answer for RE beating this song to a bloody pulp.

14. Rebekah Lavauney - ‘Ex-Factor’ (Season 1)

Rebekah’s soulful imitation of Lauryn Hill went down a treat.

13. Jessica Mauboy - ‘Beautiful’ (Season 4)

No wonder Eurovision snapped up ‘Our Jess’.

12. Paulini Curuenavuli - ‘Freeway of Love’ (Season 1)

Pretty much any Paulini performance elicited a TOUCHDOWN because she’s a powerhouse. Also Dicko being a massive bodyshaming dickhead.

11. Casey Donovan - ‘The Special Ones’ (Season 2)

Classic Aussie band George notching up another of Donovan’s TOUCHDOWNS.

10. Stan Walker - ‘It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ (Season 7)

Because his ‘Purple Rain’ performance has been wiped from the internet.

9. Ngaiire Joseph - ‘Back to the Middle’ (Season 2)

india.arie covers always bring out the best in Idol contestants.

8. Cosima De Vito - ‘When the War is Over’ (Season 1)

Before nodules forced her time on Australian Idol to be over.

7. Bobby Flynn - ‘When the War is Over’ (Season 4)

The second of the ‘When the War is Over’ covers, Bobby Flynn put his own spin on the Cold Chisel track making it almost unrecognisable.

6. Matt Corby - ‘Superstition’ (Season 5)

Pre-being every festival-going, flower crown wearing punter’s wet dream, he was on Australian Idol singing Stevie Wonder. #neverforget

5. Anthony Callea - ‘The Prayer’ (Season 2)

What’s better than belting out a regular cover? Belting out a bilingual DUET.

4. Jessica Mauboy - ‘I Have Nothing’ (Season 4)

Taking on Whitney in the middle of the NT desert - bad ass.

3. Casey Donovan - ‘Here’s Where I Stand’ (Season 2)

The Queen of song choice, Donovan’s cover of Tiffany Taylor’s Camp anthem earned every last cringeworthy TOUCHDOWN moment.

2. Chanel Cole - ‘Glorybox’ (Season 2)

The first quirky contestant on a singing contest.
Portishead, The Badloves and k.d lang covers? Now that’s diversity in song choice.

1. Guy Sebastian - ‘Climb Every Mountain’ (Season 1)

The original and the best.

HONOURABLE MENTION - Cosima De Vito Withdraws

Shoutout to the distraught guy at 0’55.

What did I miss?

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